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Get out of your recycling rut!

The idea of recycling to the majority is like going to the gym- we know it can improve the quality of our future, but not many of us are ready to commit to doing it.

This is perhaps why media jingles on proper waste sorting and recycling seem to keep falling on deaf ears, why many recyclables-for-cash schemes seem to be patronised only by a few die-hard enthusiasts before the programs fizzle out, and why local governments, even after providing their residents with bins for collecting recyclables, still invest heavily in advanced sorting facilities which are still burdened by problematic contaminants.

Some say the solution to the stubborn and formidable human lethargy that is holding back recycling from reaching critical mass is SENSITIZATION; others say it's INCENTIVIZATION, and others think it's PENALIZATION. Yet, it's difficult to cite one example where any or a combination of these worked at a massive scale with time.

But it seems some folks have a fresh take on what it takes to solve the recycling problem- SIMPLIFICATION. So, they used this design philosophy to create the mobile app, Sorta, which was launched 2 months ago. But rather than reading my explanation of what SIMPLIFICATION looks like, why don’t you allow the app to demonstrate it by itself.

Go on and get your free download of the app:

Google Playstore:

Apple Appstore:

And don't forget to leave a review on the app stores for others to know what you saw and how it has helped you too!

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