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Wait, so it's actually cheaper to destroy clothes than to give them out??? #fastfashion

Waste clothes for destruction
Fast fashion: unsold clothes in storage

'EU negotiators have agreed to end the practice by large retailers of destroying unsold clothing in the European Union, in a deal announced in the early hours of Tuesday.'

(Vanguard News: December 5, 2023)

News about fast fashion like this reveals how inherently wasteful our culture can be. Think about it: in today's world, where many people are without decent clothes to wear, some companies would rather destroy excess clothing stock than give them out for free! Indeed, it takes more than new technology or new laws to build a circular economy; at its very core, it actually takes becoming more humane as a society, first towards ourselves, and by extension, towards the future of our environment. How about you? Are there ways you can become more humane with how you deal with your own 'waste'? Do leave a comment behind.

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