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How we celebrated Zero Waste Day in 2024

To stir some passion for doing Zero Waste like never before- ahead of the UN International Day of Zero Waste on March 30th 2024- we (the makers of Sorta) created our first-ever online contest.

Basically, we wanted to get the most creative and clever ideas from the younger generation on how we all can minimize waste. For its pilot run, we focused on Nigeria, Africa's most populous and arguably the continent's most socio-culturally influential country. It took about a month to design the contest (rules, prizes, administration, marketing material), and a lot of publicity to spread the word. Eventually, over 10,000 people saw it, and we found our winners.

To read more about our winners and their ideas, check out our Facebook post on them at:

Three young winners who gave the most brilliant ideas for reducing waste in their communities
Winners of the Sorta 2024 Essay Writing Contest

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