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A recycling app for the little guy.

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Here's another waste management effort whose innovation deals an effective blow to the 'human factor' problem in Solid Waste Management: 'Reckyal' is a recycling app targeted at informal waste pickers. Why is this a commendable product? It is because most marketplace tech interventions in solid waste recycling, particularly for developing countries, are made for households or big businesses, and (for whatever reason, whether greed or pride) these tools completely neglect these informal folks who are responsible for nearly all recycling efforts in such settings. Moreover, Recykal does not only give the informal sector a seat at the recyclables market table to sell their loot directly to big buyers of their choice, but it also provides them with an advanced AI tool that can forecast market prices for recyclers which, inturn helps these waste pickers strike the best deals. WHERE THIS EFFORT EXCELS IN TACKLING THE 'HUMAN FACTOR' PROBLEM IN SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT: 1. It eliminates up to 5 middlemen that these informal waste collectors have to deal with and are often cheated by. 2. It provides a softer and more effective incentive for the informal recyclers to formalize/modernize their 'hustle'. 3. This business model sets the tone for big data technology to penetrate solid waste management, particularly for the sake of material tracking, extended producer responsibility (EPR), and who knows what else is possible! To read more on this Indian-made mobile app and what it does, click this link:

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